Thursday, April 19, 2012

Teaching About Transition Words

My kids are learning how to write an opinion piece of writing.  I have already taught them the basic format of a thesis statement (opinion statement), then three paragraphs each with a reason for their opinion (we are going to work on concluding paragraphs after we get through transition words and using the 4 square format).  So yesterday I taught them about transition words to help give their writing motion and to sound well organized.  I used two videos to help them understand and pick out good transition words and to see why transition words are important.

The video I used to introduce them to transition words was a transition words video on Flocabulary.  The song is a rap, so the kids of course loved it, and it provided some nice transition words so that today when we make a list of transition words to refer back to, they have some good words other than first, then, next and last.

Then I showed them a speech Mitt Romney made here in Michigan.  He jumps from topic to topic and has absolutely NO transition words.  The kids were able to pick up on the lack of flow right away, and said without prompting that he should have used transition words.

Today we'll develop a list of transition words to use and then I'll see if they are incorporating them into the opinion piece they are trying out.

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